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Chinese tech giant Tencent launched launched WeChat (微信 wēixìn) in 2011. At first it was basically just like WhatsApp, allowing you to send text messages and voice messages using a Wi-Fi connection avoiding texting charges. However, instead of remaining just a messaging app Tencent quickly rolled out many features within WeChat, video and audio calls, Facebook-type news and friend feed, connection to ride-hailing services, booking hotels and trains, e-commerce services and the major one, payments! 


It’s nearly impossible to get by without using WeChat in China these days: Even though stores are supposed to accept cash, many don’t carry change and don’t want to do business with you if you can’t pay with your phone. 


WeChat is basically one app that includes the functions of most of the big western apps, all of them squeezed into one. And whatever WeChat can not natively do, it can be done through 3rd party development and that’s where CapsisMedia is your best choice.


I can help you…


Register a personal WeChat account

Basically help you set up WeChat so that you can connect with others who are using the app, and if you ever go to China you can also use it to make payments in stores.


Official account registration

A so called subscription account or service account to use for your business to reach the huge quantity of WeChat users. Currently, only China-registered businesses can have their WeChat account verified. Please contact us with the following information:

1. One China residence ID
2. China business profile (Company registered in China)
3. China mobile phone number
4. Business account operator ID and photo



A mini-program is a sub-application within the WeChat ecosystem. I can build you a WeChat in-app application offering your consumers a new and innovative way to engage with your brand. Whether you want a hotel booking system, online market place or a better platform to inform your consumers about your brand and products while providing a high level of CRM, I can help you.


Account management

A WeChat Official Account is a great way for a company to generate brand awareness. Creative content of high quality is necessary to attract audiences. In order to succeed with WeChat, I  help brands define their communication objectives and always keep this front and center. My account management services include content creation  (articles, pictures, videos), followers management  (auto-reply, direct messages, interactions etc), backend controlling and analyzing presented to you monthly.


Go ahead and contact me today to get started discussing your project and I will give you my expertise how we can make it a success online.


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