Chinese Social Media

Embarking on a Chinese social media marketing journey for your retail brand can be overwhelming at first. You need the guidance of an insider to penetrate platforms like Wechat, Weibo and Youku. These are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube equivalents that connect brands to a diverse group of members, followers and fans. Capsis Media will not only provide smooth entry to these platforms but also manage them for your brand – effectively creating genuine connections with your customers through these channels.


Platform Selection

Personally, I find Chinese consumers’ culture of putting value in the credibility of brands admirable and fascinating. They believe in authentic reviews and sincere opinions of their peers and friends posted through social media. Both Wechat and Weibo are platforms they gravitate to but at Capsis Media, I will provide more options to determine which platforms are compatible to your brand and the Chinese audience that you wish to attract and engage.


Registration & Verification

Once the ideal platforms have been selected, I will facilitate the registration and verification process for your brand. You will need a business license for registration which I can help you comply with. Entrusting my company with your social media strategy equates to more peace of mind because I have insider knowledge and I have trusted Chinese affiliates to rely on.



Every feature of your social media accounts should represent your brand personality in the most flattering way. I will create attractive profiles to effectively introduce your brand to prospective followers, influencers and customers. Within Capsis Media, I can implement a full-service social media setup which includes optimization, welcome message, product features, etc. I can assure you of dynamic engagement with your customers on a consistent basis until their loyalty is established.


Account Management

I have shared with you how Chinese consumers highly regard quality, integrity and diversity. Each post, status update or marketing campaign from your social media account should feature the unique character of your brand. Let me guarantee that your account will communicate efficiently and interactively with your followers. I will integrate automated responses for queries in ways that are sensitive and receptive to the Chinese language and culture.


Go ahead and contact me today to get started discussing your project and I will give you my expertise how we can make it a success online.


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