Chinese market

China’s e-commerce industry is a gold mine for local and global retailers, brands and businesses. Its stratospheric growth in the recent decade is proof of success and promising opportunities, generating revenues of over a trillion US dollars in 2017. Take part in this exciting economic explosion? Your business can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


Capsis Media is in the thick of it. I saw the terrific potential of China and I chose it. Operating in this prolific country, and partnering with international brands determined to take advantage of this phenomenal growth proved to be lucrative and successful for my company. 



My in-depth immersion in the Chinese e-commerce ecosystem for many years gave Capsis Media the edge and expertise to help brands like yours succeed in attracting, engaging and retaining these most-coveted customers. China is unique but don’t let it intimidate you. With your go-signal, I will implement online business strategies well-matched to your Chinese target market.


Full-Proof Plan

With China’s vast e-commerce industry, your brand will benefit greatly with a laser-focused business strategy to make it credible and appealing to millions of middle-class consumers, all internet-savvy, mobile, and cosmopolitan. Capsis Media is your gateway to this world. Let’s establish short and long term objectives and adapt locally feasible strategies to engage with your niche market.


Market Research

The most vital part of my work at Capsis Media is discovering and exploring the diversity of the Chinese market. Are you ready to conquer this booming e-commerce industry? Is your brand perfectly matched with what consumers are looking for? Can you offer them exceptional quality and superb online shopping experience? I have the answers to these crucial questions, answers which will be valuable in launching a successful online business for your brand.


Online Marketing

You may have streamlined your global marketing campaigns but now feel lost in your new Chinese venture. Formulating new strategies to tap into the interests, desires and needs of this market will be less daunting with my dedicated and thorough guidance in this process. I will create or recreate your brand presence for China’s domestic market without compromising the integrity of your international reputation. I am sharing this goal with you to make this transition seamless, scalable and manageable for your business.


Brand Exposure

Chinese consumers value quality, brand prestige and personalized engagement. We will entice them by showcasing your unique brand personality through your website, social media accounts and other creative platforms. My knowledge in this local setting includes implementing marketing campaigns relevant to Chinese urban culture, integrating multilingual communication and introducing outstanding promotions for your prospective online shopping market.


Go ahead and contact me today to get started discussing your project and I will give you my expertise how we can make it a success online.


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