Chinese E-commerce

The number of people enjoying the convenience and luxury of online shopping and mobile transactions in China has grown exponentially in this decade. Who wants to endure heavy traffic and strenuous mall shopping when you can get great products and services through your laptop or smartphone? For businesses and retailers like you, this amazing phenomenon should be explored in the form of sustainable and scalable e-commerce ventures. The time to launch your online business in China has never been this perfect. Let me show you how it works.



Numerous researches have been conducted about Chinese e-commerce and the topmost categories that succeed are nutrition, beauty and maternal products. Can you imagine the many untapped markets waiting to be optimized and maximized? I stay on top of these developments in the industry and I will perform specific market research to position your products accurately to meet the needs of your Chinese consumers.


Business Platforms

The fascinating world of domestic e-commerce in China opens its doors to international brands but you have to play by its rules otherwise you will not be welcome to the club. Capsis Media’s abundant experience in this avenue is an asset to your brand at this stage of your business. I will help you set up a great store at Tmall Global or JD, reputable online platforms in China, or I can select other platforms best suited to your brand.


Cross-border E-commerce

CBEC in China is a sophisticated and integrated system that offers brands and businesses a plethora of options for selling their products to the domestic market. You can opt for dependent, independent or hybrid platforms depending on your brand size, market, exposure, logistics capabilities, etc. Simplifying this process for you is my mission so you can jumpstart your business launch within your specified timeframe. Expect 100% transparency from Capsis Media to keep you updated and informed.


TP & Logistics

Choosing a TP or Tmall Provider is mandatory in China. This goes back to the concept of Chinese consumers relying heavily on brand credibility and security. To establish a Tmall store for your products, I will choose a trustworthy TP & logistics company. I will ensure that your store will operate seamlessly and thrive through streamlined marketing, sales, shipping and payment system which will make your customers satisfied and happy.


Go ahead and contact me today to get started discussing your project and I will give you my expertise how we can make it a success online.


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