Chinese Content Management

Traveling helps people embrace new cultures. Successful content management is similar to traveling in the sense that a brand needs to discover its new target market and tell its story in a language that will entice and excite it. Capsis Media is eager to exchange ideas with you and showcase the highlights of your brand to connect with a curious and ever-evolving Chinese audience. Tell me, what stories do you want to share with your Chinese customers?


Brand Design

Creating a brilliant website, social media page or online store for your brand is essential to your online business success, and it happens to be one of Capsis Media’s exceptional points. Since brand credibility is very important to Chinese consumers, I will implement styles and designs that show people your brand’s true identity. I also have sufficient background to advise you about Chinese customs and societal expectations so we can work together in creating websites and social media accounts which are engaging, localized and culturally-sensitive.


Fan Engagement

Once you engage your Chinese audience and keep them informed and interested in your brand, they will naturally interact and get involved more easily. It may be challenging to retain their loyalty but I rely on several strategies and campaigns that work wonders with Chinese consumers and social media followers. They prefer a more personalized approach. Allow me to show you how best to implement and integrate these strategies for optimum results.


Content Promotion

Content although excellent will not spread appropriately if it is not promoted to the right channels. At Capsis Media, I help brands identify online territories where contents can better attract specific Chinese audiences. I will organize promo campaigns through CPC/CPM advertising and team up with KOLs or partner accounts to drive more traffic to your online store, brand website or social media accounts.



My focus in creating fresh and relevant content is spurred by the characteristics of your prospective Chinese target market. The people want to be impressed with professional product descriptions, new technologies and interesting contents that fit their new digitized lifestyles. I will post scheduled and well-curated updates in your online platforms. With your valuable inputs, I can whip up captivating copies that propel your Chinese audience to respond, take action and maintain a dynamic brand-customer engagement.


Go ahead and contact me today to get started discussing your project and I will give you my expertise how we can make it a success online.


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