Xiaomi beats iPhone and Samsung, at least if you ask me

Before I moved to China I had never heard of Xiaomi. Perhaps this blog post is a bit off topic but I think you all are like me and love all things tech so I want to briefly write about this amazing Chinese company that has come to be known for products of value and style to a much more attractive price than its’ competitors like Samsung and Huawei.

Compared to said competitors Xiaomi is quite new to western countries but still they have already built up an impressive base of fans, a testament to the quality of the phones and other products by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi markets its phones under several names, Mi, Redmi, Pocophone and Black Shark. Mi is the main mid-range, Redmi its budget series, Black Shark is gaming phones…. Pocophone is….well, something else.

The phone Mi Note 10. Looking at the specs, curved screen, 108MP main camera and huge battery pack, it is easy to think this is a top-end phone, but have a glance at the price and you will notice it is like one third of a new iPhone. This is according to me the best phone to buy in 2020. I wish my iPhone and Huawei phone would crash so I get an excuse to buy this Xiaomi phone. :-)

Another nice product from Xiaomi that I have been using for almost one month now is the Mi Band 4. It is sort of a FitBit smartwatch. It keeps track of your daily steps and what I find the most interesting it also monitors your sleep, when you fall asleep, how much deep sleep and light sleep. Interestingly enough I feel the stats from my Band 4 is very accurate. Mornings when I wake up and feel tired, then I check the watch and it says I only had like 30 minutes deep sleep. Mornings I wake up and feel awesome, then the watch usually say 2 hours deep sleep.

The battery life of the Mi Band 4 is amazing! I charged it one month ago and been using it day and night, I still have 17% power left. So definitely I will make it back home from my mini vacation before I run out of battery power.

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