Working from home due to the corona virus?

I am currently in Sweden and the hope for returning to normal life in the near future is very low due to the poor Swedish handling of the virus, so as it seems this is the way life will be and it is better to get used to it early and find ways to work productively from day one.

Big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter announced a long time ago that the majority of their employees will work from home for the foreseeable future. In Sweden Spotify was one of the first big ones to let their employees work from home.

The biggest struggles working from home are loneliness, managing time and communication with colleagues. Another issue in some countries is that schools are shut down so parents need to juggle the time between company and family priorities.

The situation is tough for many but finding a clear strategy that works can help you make it through.

The first simple thing is to find out what type of technology can make it easier for you to work from home.

A comfortable wireless mouse is my top pick. Find one with ergonomic design and one that also allows you to customize the functions of its buttons and speed of the scroll wheel. A good mouse will help you limit the amount of wrist and hand fatigue.

A wireless full-size keyboard might be a good idea if you are, like many, working from a laptop. Chose a wireless one to avoid making your home office cluttered by a bunch of cables.

Obviously a good quality web camera is another key accessory for your home office. I

recommend Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam combined with the software ChromaCam, this combo will let you change any background to one solid color. It can be good to have this function so your colleagues don't need to see the mess behind you.

What's your favourite accessory to make working from home easier? How do you balance work and family life when being at home? Is it difficult for you to divide your time between work and helping your kids with their online learning? Let me know. I am sure we all can learn something useful from each other to get through this tough situation.

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