Tram to Victoria Peak

Last time I went to Hong Kong it was just for helping my colleauge apply for visa to mainland China. After taking care of his visa business we had 24 hours of sightseeing in Hong Kong before we could continue our way to Shanghai in mainland China.

I have been to Hong Kong several times but this time I had the chance to be a tourist for the first time! We tried the Peak Tramway to the Victoria Peak. It is 552 meters and the highest mountain on the island, the panoramic view from the top was awesome!

The first tram set off to the top already in 1888 and now one of their marketing points is the oldest funicular railway in Asia. “Funicular” means tramcars running on tracks with a cable moving them up and down the steep slope, the ascending and descending cars counterbalance each other.

The ride up is about 1.4 kilometers and is quite bumpy and exciting for the entire family, sometimes the climb is so steep that you really start wondering if it is safe. Don’t worry, it is very safe. The journey itself only takes a few minutes but you should make sure you have plenty of time since you have many activities available for you on the top, sightseeing, dine and shop at the Peak Gallery and the Peak Tower.

I recommend you to buy only a one way ticket for the tram going up and take the bus going down. Change the view a bit you know.


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