The new production site and first trip to China!

I am not sure of the exact dates but I believe my first trip to China was already 2001. I went to Guangzhou, Foshan and Hong Kong together with my brother. The main purpose of the trip was not vacationing it was actually work related.

I had started up a cooperation with a company in Borås who had great connections in China. Our first project was to produce desk legs and feet in Guangzhou. An interesting task which was my first experience working with Chinese and producing items in China.

But what impressed me the most in China had nothing to do with producing furniture parts, it was the atmosphere and the people! Everybody was so nice and welcoming to me as a foreigner completely new to the country and city. I sort of felt and still feel more at home and welcome in China than in my own hometown in Sweden. A strange feeling.

One of many things that stuck in my mind from my first trip to China was this huge steel market in Foshan. Foshan is a city not so far away from Guangzhou where we stayed.

The steel market was really huge. A maze with streets going on for ever in every direction and lot by lot was filled by smaller companies selling various types of steel. I remember my guide and friend describing the market to me and I was baffled by its size when I realized that this market was bigger than my small home town back in Sweden.

The sheer size of everything in China makes it a challenge to do purchasing, you really need to know what you are doing to make sure that what you are paying for is actually want you want.

Back at the steel market in Foshan I did not have the experience myself, but now after several years doing business and living in China I am confident that my experience is more than sufficient to do successful purchasing from this BIG country. Do you want my help? Contact me today and we can get started!

After visiting the huge steel market we went to our new production facility in Foshan. Very different from the factory back home in Sweden.

Extremely manual work to produce items we were used to see being produced in a sort of automatic fashion. Even though the old-fashioned way of working the quality of the work surpassed all our hopes and our new Chinese colleagues were actually able to produce items matching the quality and in some ways they actually even made it better.

This was my first experience of production in China and it was truly interesting to see how things were achieved and compare it to my experiences back home in Sweden.

I have lost count on how many factories and companies I have visited in China since 2001. However each one always offers new insights into production and business techniques, and most important each visit means meeting new people and getting some insight into their lives and thoughts.


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