Small traffic accident

A few days ago I was in a seemingly small traffic accident here in Shanghai. In previous posts I have written about the craziness of driving a scooter in this city, the fact that you as a driver really have to be awake and prepared for anything to happen, literally anything. I am grateful that this time I was not on the scooter but instead in the back of a car.

The car I was sitting in was driving a long peacefully when suddenly we were overtaken by a taxi. The back of the taxi touched the front of our car as the taxi was moving back into the lane. The taxi spun around and crashed into an iron cast fence. We ended up stopping abruptly against a big tree in the middle of the road after first crashing into the 30 cm high concrete base of the median strip.

I was sitting in the back with the seat belt on but still three days after the accident I can feel in my back, neck and head that something is not right. The impact on the body is much bigger than one can imagine.

I have been to the hospital and did a wide range of examinations and know that there are some damage to the vertebrae of the back and neck. I got some anti-inflammation tablets as well as some strong painkillers. Now it is a waiting game, 3-6 months and hopefully the pain will be gone.


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