Playing with the GoPro at the Bund

Today a relaxed sunday here in Shanghai I spent some time playing around with the GoPro camera at the Bund. The Bund is the area in central Shanghai along the Huang Pu river. It is usually full of people, both locals and tourists from all over the world and other places inside China.

Before going outside today I downloaded the new camera software for my GoPro, now I can do time lapse videos just by setting it up in the camera! I am still new to the camera so the quality of the videos are not quite there yet and even though I always considered myself to be a technology wiz I admit I had to sit down in Starbucks at Binjiang Avenue for a while to get an idea how the settings should be. A tall size cappuccino and studying the GoPro camera, there are worse ways of spending a sunday!

Time-lapse is a technique where the frame rate when capturing is much lower than used when viewing the filmed sequence. When you play it at normal speed time appears to be moving faster, thereby the name “time lapse”.

I think just the time-lapse part of the video I shot today actually took me about 5 minutes to shoot. The total length of the video clip is just 42 seconds, this includes an intro with the Chinese flag and a lovely exit with a machine picking up fake noodles from a bowl.


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