Early morning in the city

The best time in a big city? Early morning before the city is awake! I have written about my early mornings in Shanghai before, today it was Gothenburgh's turn.

I went outside from the hotel already at 6:30, a typical Swedish summer morning with low temperature and rain but I enjoyed it anyway. There is something special about a big city in the early morning, it is so quiet and so peaceful and you know soon that is about to change.

I went for a short walk to Espresso House for breakfast. While drinking my coffee I started setting up all my new Gmail accounts, I moved @capsismedia, @perolahammar and @lifeherethere.com to Gmail hoping it will simplify running my online businesses. So far its been far from good, keep getting errors all the time but atleast now the most important address info @ capsismedia.com is working.

Next this morning is a meeting nearby and after that I will bring my kids to the toystore. They have been waiting for a couple of days already...

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