Do you ever feel sometimes you just had enough?

I do. Obviously I just clench my fist and keep going. Like I always do and have always done. Just sometimes recently I feel like when will the shit storm end?

Being a parent is always tough. For sure every day has its golden moments when the kids say something crazy or do something silly, then for a few seconds I forget about all the worries and just enjoy the silly moment with them. But very quick reality comes back and hits me in the face, how about their school? How about their languages? How about their maths? How about their P.E. abilities?

Raising kids of mixed cultures has its extra challenges where language and culturual / social behaviour are the two main ones. I will leave the cultural / social behaviour to a later post and just focus on the language issue.

My kids speaks proper Chinese and English, which is for sure definitely enough for them to get by in life. However, since I am Swedish people we meet have the expectations that my kids speak perfect Swedish as well. They understand 110% of what people say to them in Swedish but they are not comfortable speaking it. Which is fine by me. It is in part my fault that they do not speak perfect Swedish since I from their early age already felt like let's focus on Chinese and English, if they can speak Swedish in the future then that's great, but as long as their English is good they will get by alright in life.

Now because of COVID19 we have been stuck in Sweden for this entire year basically, then the pressure of the kids speaking Swedish has reached new levels. I try not to care too much about it, instead we focus on making sure they keep up all of the other topics so that when they can return to school they will not be far behind the other kids. But still it annoys me that people in general can not accept that I as a Swedish parent is happy with my kids speaking good English and Chinese and can just understand Swedish. I don't know if it is a typical Swedish thing to care so much about other people's private matters or perhaps it is a Western thing? Because honestly, in China I never ever experienced any pressure from people outside the family regarding the way I raise my two kids.

The stress of raising kids is one thing, another thing is work.

I am doing various online services for individuals and companies from all over the world, this started out as a side thing for me to earn some extra money but step by step is becoming more of a fulltime job and just last year I registered a company in Hong Kong to use for my business. Hong Kong is an obvious choice since it still is much easier than having a company in mainland China. If I get any clients in my home country of Sweden then I always invoice them through Cool Company, it is an invoicing service which let freelancers sell their services without having a local company registered. It is truly a life safer as I never want to have a company registered in Sweden again. The required administration is overwhelming.

But 2020, the year we all wants to forget, has been very bad workwise for me. Basically no new clients, just the regular maintenance jobs from my returning customers. Which is great, I am not complaining, but to be able to really get by I need to have some new jobs every months where I can invoice some proper money. Hopefully 2021 will be better, probably can't be worse in any possible way.

Enough complaining for today. Just suck it up and keep going.

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