Did you ever have a tortoise for a pet?

I didn’t and I used to wonder what the appeal was.

Each to their own, I guess…

But what I do know is -

A tortoise can teach us so much about Beginning Blogging!

1. Sounds like a cliche but Take Your Time.

Tortoises are thought to be slow, although they can move faster than you might imagine!

They get to their goals by plodding along, focused on the end result.

When you start your blog it’s so easy to want to do everything at once.

Instead, just take the ‘tortoise’ route!

You want to

  • have a stunning header image

  • write stunning posts

  • get that stunning end result

But you know this is silly. Blogging is a craft, a skill and any new skill needs time. You must be prepared to take things one at a time.

I suggets you should -

  • Focus on your site design first.

Start with a Free Host such as WordPress, and experiment a bit with lay outs and images. WP provides plenty of help and FAQ’s to get you started, with no previous knowledge. (I was a complete beginner.)

Try out some widgets and look at some popular WordPress plugins.

Look at all that WP has to show you and start to select what might be right for your blog.

2. ‘Wander about’ the blogosphere.

It’s what tortoises do. They amble around, exploring where to find the best dandelions, cress and parsley.

When you start your blog, you need to do a bit of ‘wandering about’.

  • Look at other blogs and see which of their features might work for you.

  • Trawl through the How To sites (this one being the best of course…) and get information.

  • Read comments and start to add some too, if you have something worthwhile to add, that is.

Exploring your territory is vital, as a new blogger. You need to feel comfortable, to know your way around a bit and to ease into the blogging world.

3. Retreat into your shell when you need to.

When the tortoise is ‘hiding’ his head (not sure why it’s a ‘he’ but there you go…) there’s a reason.

Perhaps he’s wary, unsure or tired!

But we know he’s in there, he’s just not visible.

When you start your blog it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with so many-

  • posts to plan

  • ideas to find

  • images to upload

  • tutorials to read

  • hurdles to climb over

It would be so easy to throw the whole blogging project out of the window.

What should you do?

Be a tortoise!

Retreat into your shell for a day/several days/ whatever you need.

If you’re really passionate about learning this new skill, you’ll poke your head out again, ready to search for those juicy dandelions.

©2004 - 2021 by PEROLA HAMMAR