Covid19 Isolation

Just a short post about my thoughts today about sitting in Covid19 isolation. In case you didn't read my previous posts I am currently going through the 14 day mandatory self-isolation in Shanghai after returning from abroad. I spent basically the first 9 months of this year in Sweden. Sweden, yes that Sweden, who did not do anything really to stop the spread of Covid19 so I haven't experienced much restrictions etc as a result of the pandemic. While in my home country I always felt annoyed about my government's lack of actions to fight the virus since I actually kept kind of informed about it since the breakout in Wuhan. One of the things that really annoyed me back in Sweden was the government expert claiming every day that we can not do a lock-down because people being isolated is even worse than the virus. Such a load of bullshit. My experience of isolation is much less than what others have experienced back in Wuhan, Europe and the United States but honestly I can not understand why they did not do that during the worst weeks in Stockholm in the beginning of this year? Sure the first week in isolation has been tough and I am extremely happy that we will get out after one more week but if my choice was to stay isolated another month or risk getting sick, I would chose isolation any day of the week. Isolation sucks but it is what it is as Trump would say. I have tried to keep active every day and keep a normal routine. Get up early. Shower. Breakfast. Work. Help the kids with their school work. Lunch. More schoolwork. Dinner. Then work again before sleep. But yes, it is tough and especially for those who can not work from home as we all depend on having an income, pandemic or not. But I think government's like Sweden should be more active and do more to protect the citizens. That's all I have to say today. Oh, one more thing. The Swedish expert said in the beginning of this year that he will not recommend that the people work from home because it is not equal as more men have jobs who let them work from home than women. My GOD! That's so Swedish! Let's not save lives, let's think about gender equality instead! The stupidity is never ending. I can not wait for the pandemic to be finished and a new election in Sweden. Hopefully we can get a major overhaul of the politicians and leaders and start fresh to build up Sweden again to something great, Make Sweden Great Again, without the stupidity and careless leaders. This post started with Covid19 isolation in Shanghai and ended up with Make Sweden Great Again. When you are tired in your tiny hotel room with a malfunctioning air-condition then you never know what will come when you start writing.


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