A rant about my slow daily life :-)

Today’s blog post will be a bit different from what I usually write, it will just be a rant about my daily life and nothing unique really.

I am from a small town in Sweden, but I have been living in Shanghai for the past years, except for a couple of months this year when I was “stuck” back home in Sweden due to COVID19. But now I am back in Shanghai and have been here for about one month already, including the mandatory 14-day quarantine up on returning to China from abroad.

I like life in both big city Shanghai and small town Tibro back in Sweden.

My daily life in Shanghai is definitely more colorful and higher paced than back home In Sweden, but at the same time duller and more boring. It is weird, how can it be more exciting and boring at the same time? I am not sure why I feel this way but I suppose one reason is when in Shanghai my work requires me to go outside and visit various places a just a few times per week so most of the days I am free to control my time one hundred percent, I usually sit at home in the apartment or in Starbucks and work by my computer. It gets a bit slow when you basically walk around in your own bubble 5 days a week and just interact with other people online. But at the same time, I enjoy it. You see, my feelings about my current life situation is very mixed! Both hate it and love it.

Another downside of life in Shanghai is I don’t have a car and driver’s license, so I depend completely on public transportation, share-bikes and my own electric scooter. This is not really a problem but growing up in Sweden and have had my own car from my 18th birthday I am used to the freedom of being able to drive wherever I want and need to go. Switching back to public transportation and biking feels a little bit like I am back in junior high school.

To spice-up my life in Shanghai I have decided to get going with my YouTube channel. So far I haven’t done so many videos but I have some ideas and will get going the coming days. My plan is to do a walk-around video thing one time per week when I just rant about whatever is on my mind and one video per week when I talk about something business related. I hope it will be good and people will appreciate the content I create. Obviously, I am not a great YouTube yet but I am trying and believe I will improve the more videos I create. So head on over to YouTube and subscribe!

The finalize this rant-style blog post I would like to mention one other thing that makes me miss life back home in Sweden. In Shanghai I live in an apartment and back home in Sweden I have a house. Going back to living in an apartment makes me feel the same way as going back to using only public transportation. Nothing wrong with it but I just prefer living in a house. A house is more freedom than an apartment to me. In a house I can decide what I want to do and how I want to do it. In an apartment I have to listen to the landlord’s every little idea. Obviously the most annoying thing about living in apartment is the noise from the neighbors!

Just to clarify. I do enjoy life in Shanghai! I do like seeing new things every day and experience the very different culture! But I am honest, after 5-6 years the excitement is less and even though the days are colorful it becomes just your daily life. Nothing special. I suppose this is true for the entire world. It is basically up to oneself to do something about it. Hmm.. let's see what I can come up with to feel more excited about the day-to-day life.

See, this post is really just an un-organized rant about nothing.


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