A mini vacation to Gothenburg

Current times has changed the way we socialize and get around in the society, one has to be careful and consider every moment in the day in a COVID19 perspective. It is tough but manageable. After some hesitation I still decided to go on a mini vacation to Gothenburg, mostly because I was starting to go crazy in my small hometown. After years in a city like Shanghai I have a need for big city life, there are so many things I enjoy about the big city and miss like crazy when I am in my hometown. Obviously a small town like my hometown also has it perks, but currently I see more of them in a big city.

Today I arrived pretty late in Gothenburg, first I checked in to my hotel. Then ordered some food from the Chinese restaurant WeiWei using the Foodora app. Ordering take-out is one thing I miss when being in my small town! :-)

After enjoying the simple fried rice dish I ordered then I went out for a walk around the block. My hotel is nearby a nice garden called Trädgårdsföreningen, it is one of the best maintained parks from the 19-century. It was a nice walk and no problem to maintain the important social distancing which is part of all our lives now.

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