My name is PerOla Hammar. I am a father of two and self-proclaimed web-geek who love all things Internet, e-commerce, blogging, social media, sales, and marketing.


I excel at providing businesses with innovative solutions. Comprised of a combination of expertise and experience, my approach is result-oriented. I specialize in the development and implementation of business strategies, encompassing vital categories such as eCommerce, social media marketing, and software.


My expertise in China allows my clients to secure the ever-elusive market with tried and true methods.


I’ve been in the online business since 2004 offering industry-leading web services under the brand CapsisMedia, WeBlogBetter and GoOpportunity.


CapsisMedia, an all-inclusive digital marketing company, was built from scratch by me in 2004. In the beginning the business was called PerSilja but after moving from Karlstad to Skovde I changed the name to CapsisMedia. I focused on the development of individual and corporate brands, providing industry-leading website design and hosting, social media marketing, app development and related services in the digital industry. 

WeBlogBetter was all about YOU! My aim was to help YOU become a better blogger. Sure, setting up a new blog on WordPress in 10-30 minutes. That’s easy! But getting people to read and engage with you is not so easy. WeBlogBetter helps you to:

  • Generate more traffic to your blog

  • Build a stronger network and community

  • Strengthen your credibility and web presence

  • Write better blog posts that people will want to read

  • Get the most out of social media

  • Earn more money with your blog

  • Run a better business blog

  • Snag more opportunities around the web

I started GoOpportunity, a branch of CapsisMedia, to offer digital services focused 110% on China.


After living and working in China for several years I noticed a big gap in the digital market, there are no consultants or agencies that offer digital services aimed at the Chinese market to an affordable price and with customer service in English. Two major hurdles are price and language. ​


GoOpportunity's goal was to simplify life for expats (and obviously Chinese people as well), by offering key services to succeed in China at an affordable price and everything is communicated in English.

Starting the new year 2021 I decided to change up my business process and go freelancer and no longer hide behind various brands. From now on I offer all the same services as before but under my own name, PerOla Hammar.


©2004 - 2021 by PEROLA HAMMAR