Ailee has made her comeback with new MV called ‘Don’t Touch Me’.

‘Don’t Touch Me’ is the title track of her new mini album ‘Magazine‘.

The majority of the songs on this mini album are composed by Kim Do Hoon and produced by jakops, but it was revealed that Ailee personally took part in writing and composing some of the tracks as well.

Watch the MV above:

On another note, besides numerous positive comments Alilee has received on her Melon Charts for her single, ‘Don’t Touch Me’, trolls have been leaving numerous comments with vulgar messages and illegally leaked photos of Ailee.

One comment was saying ‘If you give me your email address, i’ll send you naked photos of Ailee’.

With the help of the fans, who were reporting the malicious comments, Melon has deleted the majority of vulgar messages and troll posts.