US Despite themselves have a long history of trying to monitor their citizens is not criticizing China for not respecting the Chinese people and the companies privacy on the Internet.

US President Barack Obama, who earlier expressed concern that stronger encryption can be an obstacle for the tracking of potential terrorists, now criticize China for a bill which means that Chinese authorities can force technology companies to install backdoors in their products.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, it is a necessity in the development of the country, reports Reuters.

In the first draft published yesterday to read that the law will give the Chinese judiciary access to enterprise servers that also must be located in China. By the servers, the authorities then be able to usurp access to corporate communication archives and user data. You should be able to continue censoring terrorist-related content on the Internet.

Criticizes China, just do the same thing in the US

Although the United States, through its intelligence services, themselves want to spy on its citizens, mince not the word when you criticize the Chinese law.

– This is something that I personally have raised with President Xi. We have made it quite clear to them that if they want to do business with the United States, they have to change this, Barack Obama said in an interview with Reuters in early March.

Despite the dialogue with the Chinese President has been reported that the CIA tried to intrude into individuals’ electronic products since 2006, which News Today wrote about last week. After the unveiling, Obama has instead expressed a concern that the security measures of modern products can be difficult for the state in the discovery of potential terrorists.