Temple Of Heaven in Beijing translates to the Altar of Heaven. The temple of heaven was visited by emperors of the Qing and Ming dynasties for years so they could pray to the heavens for a good harvest. It is also often referred to as the Daoist temple. The temple was constructed during the reign of the Yongle emperor between 1406 and 1420. The Yongle emperor was also responsible for the construction of the Forbidden City so there is certainly a lot of history surrounding the topic. The Jiajing Emperor then went on to build 3 more temples in Beijing, being the Temple of Earth, the Temple of Moon and the Temple of Sun. The Temple of Heaven in Beijing was actually renovated in the 18th century but the state budget deteriorated shortly after because the renovation was so expensive. This made the Temple of Heaven the largest scale renovation in imperial history. Yuan Shikai who was then the President of China performed a prayer ceremony at the temple, as he tried to have himself declared as the Emperor of China.

Temple of heaven facts

Ever since then, the temple of heaven has become an integral part of China and people visit it every single year to experience the vast history that it has to offer. Many people visit it so they can see the amazing architecture, so it doesn’t matter what your reason for visiting Beijing is, you can be sure to find something of interest when you pay a visit to this outstanding temple. Even though it has become a tourist destination, it still attracts believers from all across the world. People also visit the temple of the Moon, the temple of the Sun and the temple of the Earth as well, so you really can get the full experience at any time of year.

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