Saizeriya is an interesting sort of Italian food restaurant in China, they are also in other locations like Hong Kong.

As a westerner living in Shanghai, I would like to summarize Saizeriya as cheap and great western food. I don’t know but most of the locations I have visited are not in “A-locations”, they are usually in the basements of shopping malls. Perhaps that is why they can offer the food at so low prices.

Today I went there and I had a Pasta Carbonara, decent taste, and only 13 RMB. Drinking is included, as much soda you want and milk tea or coffee after you finished your meal.

The service in most Saizeriya restaurants are fast and works smooth even though they usually don’t know a word of English. One issue I have with the restaurant is that they don’t accept cards, only cash..

Its a nice place with friendly service and clean and reasonably priced Italian food.