The new Galaxy S8 is a nice looking phone but it is difficult to understand why the price increased USD 100. The phone was released yesterday, April 22nd, and it costs about USD 750. The price is USD 100 more than the iPhone 7 and last year’s Galaxy S7. The larger version of S8 cost a whopping USD 850.

The new S8 is for those who want something elegant and are willing to pay for it. The phone is full of nice features which add together are worth more than USD 100 but still its difficult to accept it since there are so many cheaper phones that will do just fine.

Samsung is playing it safe with the S8 subjecting it to tighter inspections to avoid anything even close to the spontaneous fires that forced the recall of the Galaxy Note 7. I wonder how hurt the brand Samsung got from the fire disasters? Last time flying from Hong Kong I again noticed the special message from the flight crew: “If you have a Samsung Note 7, please inform the crew..”

The S8 and S8+ have more physical space inside but Samsung used it to give the battery more breathing room while keeping the capacity roughly the same as S7. Larger display and other features but still the S8 consume battery power slower than its predecessor.

Samsung also include a pair of premium AKG headphones, which are valued at about USD 100. It is nice that they still include the headphones as many other phone makers have stopped including them. The S8 also include 64GB storage which usually increases the price of other phones with at least USD 100.

So yes now I understand why it cost more than the iPhone and last year’s Galaxy S7, it is really packed with goodies! So are you willing to part with another USD 100 then you can get one fantastic phone!

I maybe will buy one in the coming months but for now I am happy to return it and continue using my Blackberry Priv. Brand loyal? YES!