I really can not find the words to describe how much I love my Hydroflask bottle. I bought it last year in a Whole Foods in Los Angeles. I use my 16 oz every day for my grande coffee from Starbucks, great to reduce the waste of paper cups and it keeps the coffee hot for hours. I am an avid coffee drinker and thanks to the Hydroflask the days when the coffee gets cold because I am too consumed with work are long gone. This bottle keeps it hot for up to six hours!

Make sure you wash it every day then it will not hold any coffee smell so you can use it for other liquids like water. Every evening before I get on the metro and start going back home I usually fill my bottle up with cold water which makes the commute home a breeze now when it is getting hot here in Shanghai.

Another cool feature of this bottle is that the top is leak-proof even when tipped upside down. Make sure the lid is secure and the mouthpiece is snapped tight before you test it. Another great detail is how the mouth piece lid snaps back onto the cup so it doesn’t flop forward while drinking.

I recommend you to stop wasting money on other bottles and buy a Hydroflask!