Even though I don’t have the formal training in coding and all things web. My unconventional background to be active in this field gives me an advantage over others. I have the computer knowledge but also the business background and experience which help me to truly understand what you as a client are looking for.

Born in Sweden I attended Karlstad University and University of Skovde, w I earned my collegiate degrees. After graduating I gained additional work experience in purchasing with SA Mobler AB. Putting my degree to use I travel internationally managing sales and purchasing in countries like China.

In 2007 I started my own business MerChans toDon’t have WeChat? her with my wife. It was a trading and branding agency empowered by e-commerce. Selling to consumers through the online stores I have become a skilled networker and an avid Social Media Marketer and enthusiast. MerChans also made B2B deals where I helped and met other professionals within different fields. MerChans is basically on hiatus since 2010, now I am doing freelance work within web development, graphics, marketing, administration and various other things people ask me for.

I also run one blog about blogging, check out www.weblogbetter.com.

Meeting people is the key to becoming a happy and successful person in every part of life. My experience with marketing, e-commerce and travelling has helped me to broaden my horizons and made me an open-minded person who enjoy every second of experiencing new cultures, countries and people!

I am creative. I have visions. I execute new ideas as they come and hope to leave a great impact in the world!

Whatever you need help with online I am the one you should hire, my vast experience in the online field and in more traditional businesses makes me a good partner to work with to achieve success for your business or personal brand online and offline.

Take a look at the services I offer.


I love working with smaller businesses because they are just as passionate about their companies as I am about mine. Together we brainstorm ideas and then I create something outstanding for them to promote their businesses!














Since June 2015 I have been doing various freelance gigs as a side business to my regular jobs, I am doing various web development jobs, graphics, translations and gigs related to social media. I am happy to say after finishing my day job and the kids are asleep I am very busy in the late evening and night working for my clients.

It took a lot of time and hard work to achieve the stable flow of new incoming work from old and new clients, but finally I am there!


To become the client’s go-to-freelancer for all things online.

To build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.


01 Content Management Systems

I am very familiar with all the major content management systems, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. To reach my current level of knowledge has taken me a lot of time, energy and determination. I love creating themes and plugins from scratch or customizing already existing ones.

02 Front-end Design

As a front-end developer my job is to turn designs into reality via code. To really understand front-end design is easier said than done as coding and aesthetic design require some quite different skill sets, however through the years I am proud to say I have developed a good sense of both skills.

03 E-commerce

After years of experience running my own online stores I am truly your go-to-guy for anything e-commerce. I am super familiar with all the major platforms for creating online stores as well as most online payment solutions. Thanks to my knowledge in (online) marketing I also know how to get people to buy your stuff.

04 Graphic Design

The best way to communicate your message is through graphics. I truly enjoy when my clients give me creative freedom to make their new graphic profiles. Combining colours, images, words and fonts to create a package of eye-candy that will help a business sell more is one of the things I enjoy the most as a freelancing designer.

05 Html & Css

Content management systems like WordPress are good and suitable for most types of websites. But to really be able to make the site look the way you (and the client) want you still need to know HTML and CSS. I made my first HTML based site 19 years ago and haven’t stopped developing since then.

06 MySql & Php

The backbone of every content management system, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or some e-commerce platform like OpenCart, is the SQL database. I am very familiar with the database structure and able to edit the database directly if needed to for example fix some errors that occured on the website.


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