I am sitting in Shanghai and reading skovdenyheter.se online and is happy to see the positive article about Knistad Herrgard. My favorite place to go in summer to play golf or just hit some balls at the driving range.

The article say that more than 18 000 people stayed at the hotel near the golf course and several times during the year all 80 rooms been booked.

Obviously many golfers spent nights in the hotel but guests coming to their amazing Christmas Dinner also increased a lot.

Last year’s success will result in big investments in the property, 31 one rooms will be renovated as well as the restaurant and some of the public areas.

In 2020 the next big thing will happen, the addition of a large spa facility in connection to the hotel and golf course.

When I am back in Sweden in June I will as always go there for a round of golf. I like Knistad because it is always very peaceful, and even though it is an old mansion I feel the environment is very casual and relaxed.