Having some difficulties sleeping after the car accident a few days ago I decided to get out early and go to Starbucks on Biyun road.

This is by far the nicest Starbucks in Shanghai. I am honestly impressed by Starbucks that they are able to keep the style and taste so similiar all over the world, even in China! I suppose the level of the Starbucks branches in China will improve even more now after Starbucks bought them back from the local representative.

Anyway, this Starbucks has high standards and is nice to visit during the week days as it is not so croweded then. Early Saturday and Sunday is also quite OK. The view from this coffee shop is quite unique to be in a big city like Shanghai, green playing fields and no tall buildings nearby.

Today I bought my classic breakfast, venti cappucino and blueberry muffin. A few minutes after I bought my breakfast I got an email from Starbucks saying “Congratulations, you have reached gold level”.

More about the perks of being on gold level in my next post.