Making Money Blogging WordPress or Blogger?

This is popular among bloggers, Blogging WordPress or blogger? Making money online with blogging is very popular topic in these days. Blogging is actually a good source of making money online if done properly. With the passage of time more number of people is entering into the world of online business blogging making it overcrowded, but it does not mean that newbie will not be able to earn a decent income starting a blog. Among the blogging community the two blogging platforms namely Blogger and WordPress are very popular.

Here we will talk about these two blogging tools/platforms by making a comparative analysis of both.

A). Blogger

Blogger is an amazing blogging platform started by Google itself; it has been first choice of many bloggers across the globe. You can start a blog with blogger using free hosting provided by Google Inc, but you have to use a domain name. Below are some Advantages of Blogger:

1. Free Hosting: The very first advantage of using blogger is its free hosting provided by Google. You are free to use up to 150GB of storage which is almost unlimited for your text and image that you will use for you blog. This is a wonderful opportunity for those bloggers who can’t afford hosting expenses from their pockets. In other words blogger enables you to start a blog without any investment.

2. Easy To Use: Other amazing benefit of using Blogger is that you don’t need to be an expert in Web-development and HTML; you just need to create your content and not to worry about complex technical issues.

3. Excellent Traffic: Blogger Blogs rank high in Google search and as result receives more number of daily visitors. After all as blogger you are much concerned with blog traffic and if your blog is hosted at blogger than it will able to receive more traffic with in a short time.

4. AdSense: Google Adsense is at top of the list among all advertising program that bloggers use to monetize their blogs. You can get a handsome monthly income with Absence if you a well established blog and it has a decent traffic. It is pertinent to mention that Blogs hosted at Blogger are lucky to get Adsense approval with more ease.

5. Security: As far as blog security is concerned Blogger blogs are less vulnerable to hacking attacks, one can not hack them easily. You just need to tighten tie security of your grail account/Google account, which can easily be achieved by enabling the step 2 verification with in account settings.

These were advantages/plus point of using Blogger, next we will talk about the open source blogging tool WordPress.

B). WordPress

There are two versions of WordPress:

a). is the free version off WordPress blog tool; here you will use a custom/sub domain with free hosting provided by WordPress itself. You don’t need to register domain name and buy hosting for setting up your blog with this free version of WordPress.

b). Self-Hosted WordPress ( With this second version of WordPress blogging platform also called Self-Hosted WordPress Blog your will have to register a domain with some domain registrar plus buy a hosting plan from hosting company as well. is a wonderful blogging platform as it has some stunning features that other blogging platform lack at. In spite of its being the pioneer blogging tools it has some short comes as well. In the coming next few line we will try to cover the advantages and drawbacks of using WordPress.

Advantages of WordPress

1. Plugins and Themes: One of the benefits of WordPress includes the vast number of plugins, and a lot of easy to versatile themes. Plugins made blogging easy because they automate many blogging tasks such as post scheduling, social sharing of posts, SEO and several others.

2. Professional Look: WordPress made it easy to search for beautiful themes and decorate your blog either by free or premium themes which give your blog a more professional look.

3. Easy Ad Management: Ad management has been made very easy with plugins by Adsense integration plus affiliate promotion. So, monetizing your blog your blog has been made easy by WordPress. These benefits make a simpler and effective tool for managing blogs.

Disadvantages of WordPress:

1. Complexity: You may come across technical issues as WordPress is more complex compared to Blogger. The situation can be more verse for a newbie while using a poor host. If you are not skilled enough to deal with minor technical issues and your hosting provider support is not quick then you may face difficulties to make your blog stay online all the time.

2. Expensive: You are forced to use your own custom domain with which is not compulsory while using Blogger. So, you will have to invest some money to keep up your WordPress. In addition hosting charges also go up considerably when you need to go for a VPS or dedicated hosting.

2. Hacking Vulnerability: WordPress blogs are more vulnerable to hacking attacks and may be an easy prey for hackers as compared to Bloggers blogs.